information in english language

Textverarbeitungsprogramm für den C64 mit 80-Zeichen-Bildschirm

Download (Version 1.1): jasword.zip

Auf Disk befindet sich ein Info-File mit einer genauen Beschreibung

Kontakt: kottira@webnet.at (bitte "C64" in der Betreffzeile einfügen)

Screenshot von Vice (Double Size, Double Scan, PAL-Emulation, PAL Mode Y/C-cable)


80-col word processor for the C64

For the time being the program is only available in german language. (With a little bit guessing you will be able to use it anyway, at least in the basic functions.)

Download (Version 1.1): jasword.zip

Help for translating program text and info file into english would be welcome - finding the right words for describing program functions is not easy, and my english is not good enough for that.

Contact: kottira@webnet.at (please add "C64" to the subject line)